Winamp has been selling NFTs with the original skin of the 1997 audio player

NFTs have been a hot topic in technology in 2021, along with discussions around the idea of ​​metavers, but by 2022 they no longer seem so interesting to the general public. The technology has been widely criticized, and many companies have been forced to withdraw from supporting this trend due to fan dissatisfaction. Even so, they do not seem to be disappearing, and companies like Meta are still investing in this direction. After seeing the sale of NFTs for the first Tweet, or the first article on Wikipedia, it’s time for someone to sell the first “skin” of the Winamp player, in its original form.

You will be able to own the original Winamp skin in the form of NFT

Radionomy, which is currently working on bringing to market the famous Winamp audio player of the 90’s and early 2000’s, announced that it will be releasing an NFT with the original skin from 1997. This is one of the easiest Recognizable audio playback interfaces in history, Winamp being used even today by many users who want to play music locally on a computer and not listen to it via streaming.

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Radionomy announced that between May 16 and 22, it will list the original Winamp skin at auction on OpenSea, after which it will make another collection of 20 works of art based on that skin. All proceeds will go to the Winamp Foundation, which will donate them to charities, the first of which will be Music Fund, a non-profit organization in Belgium.

Another 20 works derived from the original image will also be sold on OpenSea

More interestingly, Winamp will not sell computer-generated NFTs, but will receive artwork from the community. The 20 selected works will be sold, but 20% of the proceeds will go to their creators, while 80% will go to the Winamp Foundation. Each opera will be available in 100 copies, while only one will be available in 97 copies, to mark the debut year of the music player. The price for each one will be 0.08 Ethereum, or somewhere around 200 US dollars.

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As for NFTs, they are based on smart contracts, which can charge a commission to the original creator at each resale, regardless of the asking price. Winamp NFTs will bring in 10% of revenue for each sale directly to artists.

Buyers of NFTs will have the right to copy, reproduce and display the images, but the copyright remains with Radionomy. The artists who will contribute to the project will have to hand over the rights to Radionomy.

The whole movement in the NFT / crypto area seems to be an image one, bringing Winamp back into the public memory, before the official launch of the new modern version of the music player.

source: The Verge

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