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Neverland Entertainment is pleased to announce that their upcoming rogue-lite symbol-building game: Lucky Hero, will launch on Steam on November 16! After turning their weapons and equipment into symbols, players must master the Wheel of Fortune as the titular “Lucky Hero” and take on increasingly fearsome hordes of enemies.

Lucky Hero offers a wide range of symbols and character abilities that players can discover and combine in unique tactical configurations. By turning the Wheel of Fortune, players can select different weapons and skills that they can use to fight enemies and big bosses.

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Players add symbols to the slots of the Wheel of Fortune after each spin, similar to how cards are added in other roguelike deckbuilders. There are hundreds of symbols to obtain, ranging from iron swords to legendary shields and formidable magical trusts.

In addition, 3 characters, 30+ skills, 10+ area effects, random events, distinctive maps and different types of enemies and bosses can be explored.

Choose your path forward carefully, collect all the gold you can find, collect powerful symbols to arm yourself, strategically design specific builds, overcome formidable enemies and deploy the “lucky” Lucky Hero!

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