Scientists made a huge meatball with mammoth DNA –

A giant meatball made from the DNA of an extinct woolly mammoth was displayed this week by scientists at Nemo, a museum in the Netherlands.

Vow, the cultured meat company behind this tasty abomination, used the mammoth ball as an opportunity to get people talking about cultured meat as an alternative to the real thing.

Using myoglobin to mimic the color, taste and smell of meat, the mammoth meatball was made without killing animals and was instead produced using DNA and an alternative to meat.

It is said to have the smell of crocodile meat, which is an unfamiliar smell to me, so I can’t say if that really makes me want to eat the mammoth meatball or not. Unfortunately, Vow said that the meatball is not for consumption at this time because it needs to be rigorously tested due to the use of a 4,000-year-old protein.

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Would you eat a mammoth meatball?

Thanks, Reuters.

Scientists made a huge meatball with mammoth DNA

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