When the campaign starts. Examples of products

Black Friday 2022 will also be organised at Lidl, one of the most popular retailers in Romania. The company will kick off the campaign on Friday, November 11, according to an announcement published on its website.

Discounts on electronics and home appliances reach up to 40% on products already announced for the event.

We present a range of products that will be available at a discount at Lidl on Black Friday 2022:


  • Parkside pendulum saw (40% off) – 119 lei, comes with a dedicated plastic box
  • Ultimate Speed Display Car Rectifier (40% off) – 45 lei
  • Philips bagless vacuum cleaner (manufacturer’s recommended retail price: 730 lei) – 399 lei
  • Blaupunkt LED HD TV (manufacturer’s recommended retail price: 1,328 lei) – 699 lei
  • Silvercrest Kitchen Tools hot air fryer (price reduced by 35%) – 179 lei
  • Nevadent battery-operated mouth irrigator (price reduced by 40%) – 60 lei
  • Silvercrest Kitchen Tools bread baker – 249 lei
  • Silvercrest Personal Care Manicure Pedicure Set (price reduced by 37%) – 50 lei
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You can see all the products advertised above in the photo gallery attached to the article.

In anticipation of Black Friday 2022 at the German chain you can see examples of offers from retailers that have already started the campaign, such as Altex or Carrefour.

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