When PlayStation VR2 launches to experience virtual reality on PS5

Sony has done a great job with the first virtual reality headset for the PlayStation and continues the trend with the second generation in the not-too-distant future. The new kit will be suggestively titled PS VR2.

One of Sony’s strongest assets against Microsoft is the PlayStation’s compatibility with a virtual reality headset. While the Xbox console has operated in a similar fashion for decades, except for the Kinect sensor which has since “died”, the Japanese have taken the PS4 experience to a whole new level with the first PlayStation VR. Now, things will be taken to a whole new level with the launch of PS VR2, created specifically to take full advantage of the additional computing power in PlayStation 5.

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PS VR2, available from early 2023

If you were hoping to get your hands on a second-generation PlayStation VR before the end of this year, you’ll be disappointed by this information. It also doesn’t help that “early 2023” may as well refer to January and the end of March.

Roughly six years after the launch of its virtual reality kit predecessor in 2016, Sony has revealed via an Instagram post that the next iteration of PS VR is delayed a bit, until next year. For reference, the first details of the new headset and controllers came online in February this year after a long period of speculation.

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As for technical details, we know it will better align with the PS5 design and be significantly more ergonomic, comfortable. In addition, it will support a cinematic mode and support more streaming-related options. According to posts on the PlayStation Blog last month, the new headset will have a native resolution of 4000 x 2040 pixels and will operate at 90/120Hz resolution, including a so-called “see through” mode, whereby you can see so you don’t bump into walls around the house.

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