WhatsApp would display a new indicator for status messages

WhatsApp is working to improve the preview support for links added as a status message, signaling when the received message is directly related to it.

For example, a status message is set to a business account in the form of a link to the company page, its use in a message will be signaled to the respondent on that account, thus clarifying the context in which the discussion is started. This way, WhatsApp will display a different icon when the most recent message in a conversation thread is a reply to a status update. For now, the new functionality is being tested and it is unclear how long it could take to be added to the WhatsApp versions for Android and iOS.

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Another novelty is the ability to set a cover picture for the Whats App account page. First tested with the WhatsApp Desktop beta version, the new feature allows you to combine the profile picture with a wallpaper, displayed when someone logs in to view your WhatsApp profile.

Although it does not change the basic functionality of the service, the wallpaper might help to personalize and transmit the brand image to the WhatsApp contacts you interact with, this feature being especially useful for companies that would like to better represent their image. brand. However, before we get too excited, we need to remember the “Business” distinction. Thus, most likely it is a function reserved for Business accounts, prepared as a new subscription-based offer addressed to companies that use WhatsApp for communication.

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