CoverScreen OS, the app for the foldable second screen, now compatible with the Galaxy Z Flip4

The Galaxy Z Flip4 is not a fundamentally different smartphone from last year’s Z Flip3, so it’s not exactly surprising that it’s already getting support for one of the most popular foldable smartphone apps. CoverScreen OS, a Google Play Store app that significantly extends the functionality of the secondary screen on foldable phones, is now compatible with the new Flip4, offering the ability to bypass the software limitations imposed by Samsung on the small outer screen.

Those who will receive the Galaxy Z Flip4 in the coming days can already extend its functionality

The South Korean company now allows more activities on the small 1.9″ screen on the outside, but to handle anything involving more than reading a message you’ll need to open the foldable screen. CoverScreen OS does, however, allow users to run any of their installed apps on this secondary screen, even if they weren’t created specifically to take advantage of it.

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Installing the app is quick and easy, but you’ll have to accept more permissions than you usually give for regular mobile apps. That’s because the new CoverScreen OS needs to be able to display content over other apps, i.e. over Good Lock, the app that normally runs on the outside screen and provides Samsung’s interface.

Of course, being a 3rd party solution, many of the common applications will not recognize the resolution of the outside screen as compatible, which could lead to display errors. However, if you find the perfect combination of compatible apps, it could improve the experience of using your device. What’s more, widgets can be added here, which can quickly provide information about installed apps.

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Also through CoverScreen OS you can reply to messages directly from this screen, with several kinds of small keyboards, access the multimedia playback control with several buttons, or special lighting effects for various actions.

The Galaxy Z Flip4 launches in the UK on Friday 26 August, alongside the Z Fold4.

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