WhatsApp enables polls in desktop app too

WhatsApp has added the polls option as a way to help channel managers and corporate users who want to gauge employee feedback on a particular topic of discussion.

The problem is that polls used to be available in the mobile app, while employees’ routines are more focused on working at their desk using their Windows laptop or PC. Addressing this limitation, Meta brings the option for polls to the Windows version of the WhatsApp client as well. Users will thus be able to create and respond to polls directly from their PC, without having to rely on their iOS or Android phone or tablet.

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Tested first with the beta version of the app, the functionality added to the Windows version of WhatsApp is virtually identical to that available on mobile, consisting of accessing the “Survey” option and defining the questions to which followers of that channel should respond.

Thus, questionnaires can contain up to 12 selectable options. When someone responds to the survey by ticking an option, the author can see which is the most voted answer by opening the survey information. For added security, WhatsApp polls are processed in encrypted form, so even WhatsApp can’t find out the content or options chosen. Only the people you share the poll with can see it.

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