What to do if you have symptoms of the mono virus

The Minister of Health, Carolina Dariashas stated that the National Health System is on alert by the appearance of possible cases of monkeypox infection whose symptoms are non-serious skin rashes, muscle aches and fever.

Darias has recommended that people who show these symptoms contact your health center by phoneThat isolate yourself at home, avoid physical contact with people and pets until the skin rashes disappear. As for the health personnelit is necessary the maximum protection and use of epi equipment, surveillance, alert and follow-up of cases.

The minister has assured in an interview in ‘El Objective’ of La Sexta that “the detection systems and all the terminals of the national health system is it so on alert for detection” and added that “we will have to take the samples to the National Center for Microbiology to confirm the positive specify that it is monkeypoxwhich is what now remains to be specified”.

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The head of Health has explained that it is of a virus and not from a sexually transmitted disease, which spreads and transmitted by close contact and that “appeared in the 70s in Africa for the transmission from animals to peopletherefore a disease viral zoonotic“.

No citizen entered

Darias has stated that it is a disease “very rare and infrequent and that cases have appeared in the United Kingdom, Portugal and Sweden, some already confirmed” and, therefore, he stressed that “it would be the first time we would have a broadcast chain in Europe that is not linked to travel to areas of West and Central Africa where this virus occurs.

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The Madrid’s community He has detected 23 possible cases of monkeypox infection in the region, which are currently being studied in coordination with the National Microbiology Center to confirm the diagnosis.

Even so, the minister stressed that the evolution of the disease is favorablewithout gravity, and that there is a early detection protocol that will be distributed to people with symptoms and health personnel to know how to act.

According to Darias, “so far” there is no citizen entered for monkeypox and Spain is in a “good evolution”.

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