What time is the best time to do sports in summer?

The summer months pose a dilemma for all those who like to exercise in their free time. It is common to want to keep the sports routines year-round, but the high temperatures condition the practice of the most demanding activities. Sometimes, it is possible to carry out physical activity in gyms or other places enabled for this purpose and conditioned specifically for this purpose. However, when this is not possible, certain precautions must be taken into account.

Heat can affect our practice of exercise, causing. dehydrationheat stroke or other problems during the activity. Therefore, on the hottest days, it is essential not to expose oneself to the heat at its maximum expression, and to adapt physical activity to the weather conditions.

Take note of the following tips if you want to carry out your. sports activity in the best conditions during the summer months.

Where to do sports in summer

If you live in a coastal area, the beach can be your best ally to cool off. If, on the other hand, you live inland, you can exercise in the vicinity of some river. The purpose of this is that in the hottest moments you can have access to the liquid element to wet yourself and lower your body temperature as quickly as possible.

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How to take care of your diet

Hydrate is essential to avoid setbacks in physical activity. Drink plenty of water (have it on hand if you can during your sports activity) and eat fruit so that you don’t lose fluids at any time during your training. It is not necessary to wait until you have sensation of thirst for refreshment. In addition, it is advisable to adapt the dietThe diet is based on salads and smoothies so as not to overload the digestive system.

How to vary routines

In the hottest months of the year it is advisable to. adapt training habits. Carry out physical activity in shorter periods of time, consider whether it may be appropriate. lower the intensity of exercise and optimize exercise times sleep and rest are some of the best tips in this area.

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What protection to use

If you are going to be exposed to the sun during your physical activity, it is advisable to use sunscreen creams. sun protection of the appropriate factor for each person’s skin type. In addition, it never hurts to use a cap or visor during exercise, in addition to sunglasses and light fabrics in your clothes. If you have the long hair, it will also help you cool off to gather it in a ponytail or braid to relieve the feeling at the nape of your neck.

What is the best time

In summer, the best time to do sports are the times when temperatures are cooler, i.e. early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the sun is already beginning to set. It is also not necessary to go into the evening, even if the temperatures are cooler, since exercising too late in the evening can lead to sleep problems.

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