What the OnePlus Pad, the famous smartphone brand’s first tablet, looks like. PHOTO

After years of rumors, OnePlus has confirmed that it will launch its first Android tablet in just a few days. It will, of course, be called the OnePlus Pad, and it will come with a rather unusual design that will certainly make it stand out among the iPad Pro clones we keep seeing from Chinese brands lately. We also have the first images of the tablet, but these are based on the plans and descriptions of those who have seen it, not exactly “official”.

OnePlus Pad puts cameras in “pride of place”

What we do know about the OnePlus Pad is that it will integrate a neither too big nor too small 11.6″ screen, it will be constructed of metal and glass, and the cameras seem to be pretty important for this model. The front camera will be placed on the side to be centered in landscape mode, while on the back, the camera will be centrally framed, also in landscape format, in a round, protruding island.

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The tablet will be officially unveiled on February 7, at which time details of the OnePlus 11’s launch outside of China will also be announced. Also expected here is the release date for the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 headphones, and the price in dollars and euros.

OnePlus Pad front back

The images were published on the internet by leaker “OnLeaks”, which has long been making 3D models based on spy photos of unreleased products, or on plans given to accessory manufacturers to make them before launch.

Since the high-end Android tablet market doesn’t seem to be growing anytime soon, with one company, Samsung, operating in it almost exclusively for many years, we can expect a mid-range OnePlus Pad with mid-range specs, probably with a Qualcomm or MediaTek processor. Given the landscape orientation, it’s likely to be billed as a productivity tablet. This would also suggest accessories such as a stylus and keyboard, but these haven’t appeared in the leaks yet.

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