What the new Windows 11 Task Manager will look like. PHOTO

Despite the fact that Windows 11 comes with a new taskbar interface, Start menu, settings menu and even Explorer, Microsoft has not aligned all elements of the operating system to the new “look”. It’s not clear exactly why some changes were delayed several months after the official launch, but now another component of Windows 11 will switch to the new interface: Task Manager, one of the most used applications in the operating system.

Task Manager has not received a major interface update since the release of Windows 8

Task Manager, or the application we call when we want to quickly diagnose an application that does not respond to commands, or performance drops, will change completely in the next few months. A student by name Gustave Monce, who previously discovered hidden elements in Windows 11, but also managed to adapt the operating system on a smartphone, found the files with the new application interface.

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It looks like Microsoft will align it with the new Fluent Design, which means it will be much more similar in design to what we see in other Microsoft applications lately, including settings. Instead of the old interface, which dates back to Windows NT, with tabs displayed horizontally at the top, and the outdated window design, the new Task Manager looks much more modern, with modern icons describing the components that are in use. in various applications, as well as a drop-down menu for navigating through its various tabs.

task manager windows 11

At the moment, the application requires some “work” to activate the new interface (tutorial), but it will probably be integrated into a beta build of the operating system on the Insiders channel in the near future. Only after testing, the new application will be officially launched in the final version of Windows 11.

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It seems that Windows 11 will be the real step forward for Microsoft’s operating system, which will permanently leave behind many of its very old elements. Control Panel is the next component that could undergo drastic changes, and will be completely removed in the future, and its functionality will be fully integrated into the settings application.

source: The Verge

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