What the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple’s first model without physical buttons, could look like. PHOTO

Given the large amount of unofficial information that the iPhone 15 Pro will no longer use physical buttons, Apple will most likely confirm this with the announcement of the new generation in September. However, it looks like we have the first images, shot in 3D based on leaked plans on the internet, in which we can see what an iPhone without physical buttons might look like, just with “solid” buttons with pressure sensors and haptic feedback. For the first time, however, the iPhone could be released without a slider for silent mode.

iPhone 15 Pro could ditch silent mode slider

Ever since the first generation, iPhones have been equipped with a slider above the volume buttons. This is used to activate silent mode with a single tap, a feature that only OnePlus seems to “copy” in the Android smartphone area. Apple’s next models, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, could, however, ditch this slider in favour of a solid button.

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iphone 15 pro mute button

Solid buttons are just touch buttons with pressure sensors that don’t physically move when pressed. So no more mechanical problems can occur, but at the same time, these buttons won’t provide the same tactile response that many phone users still appreciate. This isn’t the first attempt by a company to do away with physical buttons. HTC implemented something similar on the U12+ five years ago, and that turned out to be its last flagship. Of course, HTC had other, more serious issues from before that model, but the lack of buttons was also a reason why some fans decided not to buy the new model.

In the case of the iPhone, that’s probably not the case. Apple has a style of presenting every change in a way that makes it seem like we’re dealing with revolutionary new technology, even though that technology has been on the market for a long time. Another obvious change from these images is the unification of the volume buttons into one. Most likely, it was also because of the move to solid buttons that this change was made.

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However, the images also reveal the slightly rounded edges of the iPhone 15 Pro models, which will most likely be made of titanium instead of the steel used since the iPhone X generation.

The source of these images is a user chenwen1987 on Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok. ShrimpApplePro, a “leaker” known for accurate information in the past, reposted chenwen1987’s information, suggesting it is real. However, another leaker called URedditor says that these images could be fakeas some details around the loading port are missing. At the moment it’s a showdown between the leakers, both of whom are providing information from unofficial sources. However, the images align with past rumors from other reliable sources, such as analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman.

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