What streaming services should you subscribe to in 2023? –

We are living in a financial nightmare these days. Inflation, rising cost of living and rising utility bills all mean we have to be increasingly careful about the ways we spend our money, and as every company under the sun seems to offer a subscription service, the number of monthly or annual bills we pay has skyrocketed. With such a huge selection of services available, each opening doors to different collections of entertainment, which services should you be spending your money on these days? After much thought, we have gathered the best subscription services currently available.

Which streaming services should you subscribe to in 2023?


Netflix: It seems like a given to suggest this, and it is. While we’re not going to tell you that Netflix is the place to be for a consistent stream of quality content, the streamer overwhelms users with tons of movies, TV shows and video games, many of which are original. So if you’re looking for a service to keep you entertained after a busy day, Netflix is always a great place to start.

Now TV/HBO Max: We’ve put these two together depending on where you live, depending on what you need to pick up. If you live in a region where HBO Max is available, that’s the one to grab, but if you don’t, Now TV is your best friend. If you want premium and usually critically acclaimed TV and film, no one does it better than HBO / Now. Whether it’s House of the Dragon, The Last of Us, Succession, Peacemaker, the list goes on and on. It’s certainly an expensive service, but you get the best the silver screen can offer.

Apple TV+: Two years ago, this would have been a very, very niche choice, but Apple has since committed to its streaming offerings and now delivers a wide range of new and usually very high-quality content on a weekly basis. Between top series and original films, the biggest stars around the world also tend to come to Apple, as we see the biggest A-listers grace the productions offered here, all of which means you won’t get bored by Apple’s portfolio anytime soon.

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Game Pass Ultimate: If you have an Xbox or PC, this is without a doubt the best deal you can get. Access to not only the wider Game Pass library, but also Xbox Live Gold which means you can enjoy the biggest multiplayer titles, Game Pass offers hundreds of games and is also the best way to experience the latest games coming from the Xbox Game Studios family, as first-party titles developed by Xbox land on the service on launch day. With support for cloud gaming, this is also truly a crucial service to enjoy gaming at its best.

Which streaming services should you subscribe to in 2023?

PlayStation Plus Extra: PlayStation Plus can be hard to figure out because Sony has split the service into three similar but different tiers. We recommend the middle of the pack offerings because you get the monthly free games that come with the basic Essential tier, but then also get access to the broader library of titles present in the Extra category. Like Game Pass Ultimate, PS Plus Extra also opens the door to the PlayStation Network, meaning you can also enjoy multiplayer gaming with friends.

Which streaming services should you subscribe to in 2023?

For the retro lovers – Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack: We’re not going to tell you that Nintendo Switch Online is a must-pick service because it really isn’t, but that said, if you love a good retro game and have been meaning to find some time to play the original The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Star Fox, and so on, then the Expansion Pack – and the access it opens up to emulation systems for NES, SNES and Game Boy – is a good choice.

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Which streaming services should you subscribe to in 2023?


Amazon Prime: There is a whole list of morality decisions that pertain to taking out an Amazon Prime subscription, as there have been countless reports in the past about the conditions that employees must endure to ensure that Amazon can offer such a great service at such a cheap price, but if you look at the service just from a consumer perspective, there are very few reasons why you shouldn’t look at this service, as it opens the door to Prime Video, the benefits of Prime Gaming, and of course free, premium delivery on every item you buy from Amazon.

Apple Music / Spotify: Although these are two competing services, what they offer is so similar that it doesn’t really matter which one you choose. Although we recommend choosing Apple Music if you use iOS devices and Spotify for Android users, both services work like a charm and are great ways to enjoy the latest music, podcasts and audiobooks. Save some space and cut down on plastic and start building a digital library of audio content with these services.

What streaming services should you subscribe to in 2023?


Now TV Sport/Sky Sports: Again, this is one of those situations that depends on where you live, but depending on that, Now TV and Sky’s Sport packages are the best ways to enjoy the best live sports on offer. With the biggest live soccer, rugby, golf, Formula 1, NFL, NBA, horse racing and more, no other package offers such a collection of sports at once. It’s a very expensive service, but if you live and breathe sports, this is the best way to enjoy it.

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