What is the lethality of monkeypox? The WHO steps up

Before him boom from cases of the monkey poxa illness eradicated since 1980, the World Health Organization (WHO) has lowered the social alarm. In Spain have already been confirmed seven cases and the Ministry of Health is studying a score of suspects. Italy and Sweden have become this Thursday the last countries to notify cases, after those registered in Britain, Portugal Y USA. The WHO has called for tracing direct contacts of these spikes, but has also specified how lethal is this affectation.

According to the Minister of Health, Carolina Dariasthis is the first time that a chain of transmission of this disease would be taking place in Europe without being linked to a trip to areas of Africa. The organization has stressed that it usually causes mild pictures either moderate.

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Symptoms usually last two to three weeks and are similar to flu. They include the typical muscle pains, fever, shaking chills, exhaustion, headache, Back pain Y swollen lymph nodes.

Highly visible effects, but not lethal

In addition to the typical rash so characteristic of human smallpox, which in this case of the monkey variant usually begins with the expensive to spread to others body zonesespecially the palms hands and the plants of feet.

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The epidemiologist Oriol Mitja warns that “monkeypox will not be a pandemic like covid, but it is a serious infection”. However, the WHO indicates that the lethality of monkeypox ranges from 1% to 10%. According to these data, the pathogen does not kill more than one in 10 people.

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