Meta Quest 2 gets a performance boost with a free software update

It’s rare for an already-released device to get a performance boost via a software update, but that’s exactly what Meta has done with the VR Quest 2. The VR headset, launching in 2020, will receive a small upgrade via software update that will allow developers to access 7% more performance, which will ensure more stable framerates in video games and apps.

Meta Quest 2 VR headset gets more powerful two years after launch

The fact that Meta is offering long-term software support for this VR headset is to be commended. The Quest 1 still gets updates, but many of the games available on the app store are no longer compatible with it due to poor performance. The Quest 2 offered much better performance anyway, but now developers will have 7% more power on the GPU.

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This performance boost can be used to increase the resolution of games, leading to sharper images, or improved framerate stability. In VR, maintaining a high and constant frame rate is very important, as fluctuations can make users feel dizzy or even headache-prone.

This is made possible by raising the GPU frequency from 490 to 525 MHz, which is applied at the firmware level via update. Also, the GPU frequency will be dynamically adjustable according to application needs.

But the transition is not exactly smooth at the moment. In order to access the extra performance, it is necessary to install and access a dedicated application that increases GPU speed. Starting with Quest’s v49 update, this enhancement will be available by default. Given that the Quest 2 headset is only on software version v47, it will probably be a few months before version 49 is released.

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The good news is that this update shouldn’t affect the autonomy of the device in a negative way.

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