What happens to Face / Off 2: the director talks about the possible return of Nicolas Cage in the role that defined him

The director of Face / Off 2, Adam Wingard, offers an update of the film’s script, while also talking about Nicolas Cage and the role that the actor could play.

In 1997, Cage played Castor Troy in the action film Face / Off. In an attempt to find the location of a nuclear bomb planted by Troy, FBI Special Agent Sean Archer (John Travolta) goes through an experimental procedure to change his face to that of the offender. However, Troy frees himself and takes Archer’s life, while the undercover agent must find a way to recover his own identity.

Paramount Pictures has announced the official continuation of the film in 2019. The director Godzilla vs. Kong previously shared his intention to make the film as a direct sequel to the original film, with the desire to bring back Cage and Travolta. Nicolas Cage also announced that he is currently in talks with the studio.

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Director Face / Off 2 says he is convinced that the film should bring Nicolas Cage back to the forefront

In a recent interview with Empire, Wingard provided an update on the development of the Face / Off sequel. The director reaffirmed his desire to bring Cage back into the role of Troy. He confessed that he appreciated the actor in Pig.

“Just before Pig came out, I saw another movie with Nicolas Cage. It has become a model to follow now. A few years ago, the studio might have wanted a new, hot movie – the situation has changed. Now, Nicolas Cage is once again one of the coolest actors in Hollywood, “he said.

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“It simply came to our notice then. We won’t share it until everyone says, “This is the perfect scenario.” It was probably the most challenging scenario I worked on, for many reasons. There is so much pressure in the desire to make sure that it lives up to the legacy of that project, ”the director continued.

Wingard is currently working with writer and collaborator Simon Barrett on the script for Face / Off 2.

Although we do not have an official release date for this film, we can expect the release to be a grand one, and the cinemas, inevitably, full.

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