It happens at the pump and affects all drivers of cars on gasoline and diesel: maybe the only good news

Good news, finally, for the drivers of petrol and diesel cars. Gasoline has become cheaper in our country.

This morning, at OMV Petrom, the petrol sold in its own stations became cheaper, with five money per liter. For example, the Petrom station on Virtuții Road today displayed a standard gasoline price of 7.93 lei per liter, down five cents from yesterday’s price. Instead, the price of diesel remained unchanged, at 7.98 lei per liter.

Gasoline and diesel prices are starting to fall

After the price rises and after people started stocking up, out of panic, last week, things seem to be back to normal. In general, fuel prices depend on two major factors: the international reference quotations for the quotations of petroleum products in the geographical area (in the case of Romania, Platt’s Med), which depend mainly on the quotations of oil, and the taxation policy on each market. which adds local components – logistical and operational costs the level of pay.

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In recent days, the price of oil has been falling. After a rather sharp decline, it reached $ 100 a barrel, from $ 130 six days ago. Last week’s increase was unique on the local market in recent years.

Oil prices have fallen to a three-week low, as Russia has indicated it is in favor of resuming a nuclear deal with Iran as soon as possible. Russia-Ukraine ceasefire talks have further dampened fears over supply disruptions, and rising COVID-19 cases in China have fueled concerns about a slowdown in demand.

Brent futures were down $ 8.90, or 8.3%, to $ 98 a barrel, while US West Texas Intermediate crude was down $ 8.97, or 8.7%, to $ 94.04 a barrel. barrel.

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