What bothers the inventor of the mobile phone about today’s smartphone users

The problem with today’s smartphone users is that they look at these devices too much, said Martin Cooper, the inventor of the mobile phone.

“I’m devastated when I see someone crossing the street while looking at their mobile phone. These people are not sane,” Cooper said in an interview with AFP.

He is the man who developed the first mobile phone, in 1973, while working for the American company Motorola. The device, called the DynaTAC 8000x, weighed 1.1 kg and was 25 cm long.

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“That wasn’t a problem. The phone was so heavy you couldn’t hold it in your hand for 25 minutes,” Cooper joked.

The inventor of the DynaTAC 8000x is still passionate about technology. At 94, he has the latest iPhone and uses an Apple Watch smartwatch. Cooper changes his smartphone every year when a new model comes out. He even has a smart hearing aid that can be controlled from an app.

Even so, Cooper admits that he uses his cell phone primarily to talk to other people, which is the same way the device he created 50 years ago was used.

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“I will never understand how I could use my cell phone the way my grandchildren and great-grandchildren do,” the inventor explained.

Martin Cooper believes that smartphones have huge potential and that these little computers we all carry with us everywhere will even be able to cure diseases at some point.

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