Web3: Michelin to launch an NFT collection

Michelin plunges into the Web3 with a collection of 5000 NFT representing the Bibendum of the brand. The tokens will allow to live ” exclusive Michelin experiences “.

The world’s number 1 tire manufacturer Michelin quietly announced on Tuesday the launch of a “digital adventure” with the ” Michelin 3xplorer Club “.

According to the Twitter account dedicated to the initiative and active for a few days, the NFT, each representing the popular mascot bibendum with unique characteristics, will offer their owners the possibility to “ to own an important piece of the universe Michelin “but above all to access “exclusive Michelin experiences”.

Michelin is a partner of the most prestigious events in motorsports, cycling, travel and gastronomy. Each month, we will organize a lottery and share challenges that will give our cardholders access to exceptional experiences, explained the tricolored company, citing in particular open tests of the 24 Hours of Le Mans or meals in Michelin-starred restaurants.

On JournalduNetone of the project leaders, Teo Bertrand, revealed that 5000 tokens will be put on sale at the price of 0.1 ETH next June.

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“Innovation has always been part of the brand’s DNA Michelin. We have constantly innovated to improve people’s mobility: we accompany them with tires, we help them in their exploration with the Michelin Guide but also road maps. It makes sense to also innovate to support our communities in the Web3 he added.

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