With Aura, LVMH issues an NFT certificate for its Web3 graduates

In order to acculturate its collaborators at Web3the luxury group LVMH and founding member of the Aura blockchain consortium launches a training certified: Web3 Fast Track. Once finalized, the participant receives a SBT tokena NFT not transferable.

The luxury brands are among the first in the traditional economy to have seized the possibilities offered by the Web3. They have launched NFT collections and participated in events in the metaverse.

To go one step further, a deeper acculturation is probably necessary. Figure of luxury, LVMH has designed a training program for its employees: the Web3 Fast Track.

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A certified program for LVMH employees

From blockchain to crypto, NFTs to the Metaverse, this certified program covers all the basics of Web3 technologies, with tailored insights from LVMH experts, hands-on exercises on how to use these new technologies, use cases, and step-by-step Web3 project recommendations.”

This description is provided not by LVMHbut by the Aura blockchain consortium, of which LVMH is a founding member. The luxury group has indeed relied on the technology platform ofAura to issue certificates to its employees.

Aura Blockchain Consortium provides the company with its service Multi Token Minter. This one allows to deliver to each new Web3 initiate a token of type NFT.

A certification validated by a SoulBound Token (SBT)

The non-fungible token includes however a particularity. Title SoulBound Token (SBT)it is indeed not transferable.

This token serves as a ‘proof of knowledge’ and is awarded to each participant who successfully completes the training,” says Aura.

This application of non-fungible tokens for human resources is also a opportunity for the consortium.

The Multi Token Minter tool gives our member brands the flexibility to create tokens that can be customized to meet any potential use case,” Aura points out.

NFT and physical products go hand in hand

On the occasion of the last general meeting of LVMH, its director Bernard Arnault specified the group’s strategy in terms of NFT. Thus, the luxury actor intends to systematically associate token and physical goods.

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We do not sell virtual sneakers, we sell, in NFT, real sneakers, with its NFT said Bernard Arnault. And this model can be applied to other products, like wine.

“(…) You can buy the bottle of wine as a NFT. The house keeps it for you, as long as you want, and the day you feel like reselling the bottle or tasting it, you transform the NFT, virtual, from the real bottle you own. This is the scheme.”

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