We wish this Horizon pop-up café had stuck around forever – Horizon Forbidden West

Last weekend, a Horizon Forbidden West-themed pop-up cafe in central Paris let you eat like a Nora, giving customers many dishes inspired by Guerrilla Games’ Horizon franchise.

However, the cafe only lasted from Feb. 9 to 11, which means it’s very likely you didn’t get a chance to try it out. You can watch videos of the food and all the other interesting paraphernalia hanging around the café, but this only makes us wish Sony had set up many similar venues around the world.

After the recent PlayStation Super Bowl ad, it is clear that Sony is stepping up its marketing and showcasing all of its exclusive franchises, from God of War to Spider-Man. The Horizon Cafe is only a small part of this marketing plan, but it is certainly one that attracts a lot of eyes.

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Would you eat at the Horizon cafe? Which other Sony franchise should get its own mini-restaurant in the future?

Horizon Forbidden West

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