We wish for these 6 features

But why Nintendo?  Don't do LCD again!  (Source: Nicole Lienemann stock.adobe.com)

But why Nintendo? Don’t do LCD again! (Source: Nicole Lienemann stock.adobe.com)

Today, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom finally lands on the Nintendo Switch. Voices are raised that this could be the last major title on the console.

This is also supported by a statement from Nintendo.

According to the Japanese company, there will be no more new consoles this fiscal year, which will run until the end of March 2024 – but possibly in the next.

A confirmation from Sharp fuels the rumor of a Switch 2 next year even more.

Switch successor: LCD panels again?

As Bloomberg reports, the company confirms that it will produce LCD panels for a previously unavailable console – and that coincides well with the timing of a Switch 2.

Sharp CEO Robert Wu also said they have worked with the console maker in the past. Production will begin before the end of this financial year and Sharp will probably roll off a large number of units.

But Nintendo: why LCD again?

The newer models of the Switch come with an OLED – and that was an excellent decision. Better contrasts, darker black, less energy-hungry: the advantages of OLED are obvious.

Why is Nintendo going back to LCD?

Maybe it’s related to portability: The backlight makes LED LCDs brighter, and that’s an advantage when gaming the Switch in the blazing sunshine. How often do you do that?

The difference in quality gets even bigger when I have an OLED TV at home and undock the Switch.

In this respect, Nintendo will probably disappoint us with a successor to the Switch. However, we have other suggestions for improvement.

We want these 6 features from Nintendo’s Switch 2

The Switch is a fine console, no question. Without entering into a performance and graphics competition with Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo has found its own niche (which others are now gradually trying to fill, seven years later).

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The switch is of course not without fault and blame, so Nintendo has to screw on these 6 points to make the successor even better.

4K resolution

(Source: Nicole Lienemann stock.adobe.com)

(Source: Nicole Lienemann stock.adobe.com)

The reactions to new Nintendo titles are always: Hey, looks great – for a Switch game. Nintendo doesn’t want to and shouldn’t measure itself against the more powerful consoles, but 4K is now standard.

The current Switch manages 720p to 1080p and reaches its limit at 60 FPS. It’s no secret that there’s definitely more in there, especially on TV.

Zelda doesn’t have to be perfect. But you can’t help but imagine how the title would look on PC or PS5.

Better Stand

(Quelle: rosinka79 - stock.adobe.com)

(Quelle: rosinka79 – stock.adobe.com)

This has been bugging me since day 1: You can detach the console’s Joy-Cons and play Mario Kart 8 with a friend using the Switch itself as a display, anywhere. Top! But why the hell did Nintendo put on a flimsy one-sided mini stand?

And no: Two sloppy stands are not a solution.

Please Nintendo, give us a smart way to use the console as a TV in handheld mode. The current status does not hold up at all on the train or on the plane.

More storage

(Those: Nintendo SanDisc))

(Those: Nintendo / SanDisc))

Many already raised their eyebrows at the market launch in 2017 at the small memory. It is no more than 32 GB, large titles easily consume between 10 and 15 GB, the memory is full very quickly.

Although Nintendo has increased the storage volume to 64 GB with the OLED variant, a handful of storage-hungry titles quickly end in the field.

Sure, you can buy microSD cardsbut passing these costs on to users is not a smart move.

For the Switch 2 we suggest a built-in SSD. More memory, faster performance, less loading times, more freedom for developers – everyone wins.

Improved Joy-Cons

(Those: Nintendo)

(Those: Nintendo)

The Joy-Con controllers have been the console’s snag from the start. They’re small, not very ergonomic and then there were these connection problems.

And, oh yes, one word: Thumbstick Drift.

That’s when the joystick moves without being touched. This happens at the latest when things are simply messed up from all the gambling.

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Considering that the problems have existed since the launch of the console and Nintendo hasn’t done anything, it’s getting hairy. Therefore, for standard controllers, the Switch 2 absolutely needs ergonomic adjustment – and persistent sticks.

More customization options

(Those: Nintendo)

(Those: Nintendo)

Nintendo has always been known for offering their handhelds in different colors. I fondly remember my Game Boy Pocket with the clear case!

The Switch is also available in some spectacular designs – but you have to buy an entire console to do so. Millions of homes around the world have a Switch, so Nintendo should also make it a personal statement and offer more colorways and designs without having to buy the console again.

And there is not much that needs to be done. For example, I have a purple and yellow Joy-Con on my Switch, based on the colors of Wario, Mario’s best antagonist. Just give us more variants of it!

Virtual Console

(Those: Nintendo)

(Those: Nintendo)

That hope is tiny, but as a retro fan, you’re clutching at straws. Yes, Nintendo Switch Online has games from the old days, but the selection is downright dwarfed by what we had on the Wii or 3DS back then.

It’s a mystery why Nintendo refuses to offer its titles for sale for a euro or two. The original Fire Emblem was available for purchase and download for a limited time in 2020. Why limited in time? Why only one title? Why NES?

Nintendo has released so many titles and gems over the decades, finally give us the opportunity to replay them. And quite a lot of retro gamers would certainly pay a fiver again to be able to play classics from the SNES or Game Cube again.

Actually obvious, but it should be mentioned here anyway: backward compatibility. If the switch gets an upgrade, current switch games must also run on it. Nintendo is generally well placed when it comes to backwards compatibility, so this should be a no-brainer.

It’s inevitable: the Switch 2 is coming! Probably already in 2024 and again with an LC display. What do you want from the console? Do you go with our 6 points? Or did we miss something? Related: What titles are you looking forward to in the future? Let us know in the comments.

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