Waze to display additional warnings for road sections with accident history

Adding to alerts for ice, fog and other hazards, Waze will display additional warnings for dangerous road sections known for numerous accidents.

Soon, Waze will warn drivers traveling on documented road sections with an increased risk of road accidents, in the hope that the additional information will lead to increased alertness and more cautious driving.

Just before reaching the “red” zones, an alert will appear on Waze informing of entering a section of road with an increased risk of accidents. The alert displayed will eventually include the length of the stretch where you should be paying extra attention when driving. Especially on unfamiliar sections of road, Waze developers expect drivers to approach driving more cautiously, especially in adverse weather conditions.

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Already displayed for users of the Waze beta, the new alerts are based on accident reports made over time by users of the app. So as not to become too repetitive, so-called “red roads” will not be announced every time you drive that route, and only one alert will be issued for routes with many “red” areas in quick succession. In addition, the new functionality will be automatically disabled for frequently travelled roads, such as the ‘commuter’ route to work.

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