WatchOS 10 is said to be the biggest update in years

Update am 19. April 2023: Gurman was still quite covered in his statements about the big update for watchOS. Now a leaker on Twitter is more accurate.

User @analyst941 wants to know that the revised home screen mentioned by Mark Gurman should get a new layout. This should make the watch easier to use.

In addition, the new design should feel more like the usual iOS experience. Folders that can be created on the home screen should also contribute to this.

According to the leaker, how the new design should look like is presented directly in his Twitter post with a self-created render image:

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The problem: While analysts like Mark Gurman or Ming-Chi Kuo have built a name and a certain amount of trust through multiple correct leaks, to our knowledge this has not been the case with @analyst941 so far.

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Although there are a number of leaks on the user’s profile, so far we have not noticed any major initial leaks. At the same time, the leak seems to be quite plausible and well-known voices from the community have not contradicted it so far.

However, the information provided by @analyst941 about the new design of watchOS 10 should be treated with an extra dose of caution.

Original report from April 18, 2023: Apple provides its smartwatches with updates at regular intervals. But most updates bring rather few new features. However, the upcoming watchOS 10 update is said to be the biggest update since 2015.

The user interface of the Apple Watch should change

According to Mark Gurman, a well-known Apple insider, Apple isn’t planning a big announcement of a new Apple Watch this year at the WWDC keynote on June 5th. Instead, the focus is on the smartwatch’s software.

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With the watchOS 9 update, Apple has added practical data for runners such as stride length, ground contact time and vertical oscillation to the Apple Watch.

With the watchOS 9 update, Apple has added practical data for runners such as stride length, ground contact time and vertical oscillation to the Apple Watch.

In addition to new features, Apple is said to be planning an overhaul of the Apple Watch user interface. How this revision looks in detail is still unclear.

When is the watchOS 10 update coming?

Apple customers will have to be patient until the update is released. When the update rolls out on June 5th, it will likely go into public beta shortly after, where developers will have access to it. Only then will the update be available to Apple customers.

In addition to a new watchOS 10 update, Apple is said to have planned further revelations. We have summarized all the information for you: WWDC: Apple event 2023 is finally fixed – we expect that.

What do you think of the watchOS 10 update rumor? Do you think Apple is delivering the biggest update since 2015 or will watchOS 10 bring small improvements? Feel free to write your opinion in the comments.

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