Wardruna concert in our country: when will we be able to see the “Vikings” live

Wardruna is currently one of the most influential rock bands in the world, despite its niche style combining elements of Nordic folklore with guitar riffs.

After the success of “Nordic Night at Red Rocks Amphitheater” in the United States, but also with “Nordic Night at Gelsenkirchen”, the Nordic band Wardruna, together with By Norse Music decided to turn this unique concept into a rock tour. “Nordic Night Summer Open Air Tour”, which aims to promote the album “Kvitravn”, released on January 22, last year.

Wardruna’s new material, “Kvitravn”, continues the Runaljod trilogy musically, although we can see an obvious evolution of the band in terms of sound. On the latest album we have the opportunity to listen to a variety of musical instruments such as the talharpa, sotharpa, horn, flute and many more.

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The album contains 11 songs that will make us mentally travel through the legends and Nordic culture, having as central themes witchcraft, or other topics related to the mysticism of the Nordic peoples.

Einar Selvik said of his compositions: “It is not very difficult to recite and copy the past, but to be able to understand and integrate ancient thoughts, tools and how this was done in the past, to create something what is relevant today is really a challenge, and that is our goal. ”

Where can you buy tickets for the Wardruna concert?

The Wardruna concert will take place on July 8, at the Roman Arenas, in the Capital.

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Tickets can be found on the iabilet.ro network, but also in the Flanco, Metro Unirii 1, Muzica, IQ BOX stores and on the Selfpay terminals.

These have prices between 89 lei (with a seat in the grandstand) and 169 lei (in front of the stage), depending on the chosen category. There are a few other intermediate categories, of course.

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