Galaxy M23 could come with an important compromise compared to the A23 version

Differentiated primarily by the battery capacity, considerably higher in the Galaxy M series, the Galaxy A alternative has so far had no major trade-offs other than the thickness of the case and slightly cheaper finishes. According to the preliminary list of specifications, the Galaxy M23 will be more than the larger battery version of the Galaxy A23 series, the phone intended primarily for emerging markets (eg India) differing in other key chapters, such as photo performance.

Aiming to reduce costs as much as possible, the South Korean manufacturer would replace the fingerprint sensor placed under the screen with a solution arranged on the side frame. So far, the loss is not too great, if the alternative based on somewhat cheap technologies eventually proves to be more efficient. Instead, the compromises prepared on the side of photo performance could leave a bitter taste to Galaxy M fans.

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Thus, the new M23 would come with a 50MP camera (theoretically superior to the 48MP delivered on the A23 model). In practice, it would be a sensor with lower performance, the disadvantages being felt especially in the pictures obtained in low light conditions. The other two sensors only have 8MP for the ultra-wide camera and 2MP for the macro function. At the front we find a camera with unspecified resolution, most likely not higher than 22MP, as promised for the A23 model.

It is unclear whether the FHD + screen will still have OLED technology, but the move of the fingerprint sensor suggests the option of an LCD solution, which is lower in terms of viewing angles and nominal brightness.

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Samsung could launch the Galaxy M23 this spring, shortly after the Galaxy M23 model, with availability and selling price differing from region to region.

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