VShojo’s Anime VTubers battle GODS in SMITE’s latest crossover – That’s Gaming

Get ready for an epic adventure as VShojo’s legendary VTubers make their way to the battlefield of the gods! This WILD crossover includes six new skins for some of your favorite VTubers:

  • Vei
  • Ironmouse
  • Nyanners
  • Silvervale
  • Kson
  • Apricot

They have gathered for one last event and you are invited to be a part of it. Whether they rock out with VShojo or pursue an indie career, you don’t want to miss the VShojo event – only at SMITE!

These six anime-inspired skins are beautifully designed to capture the essence of each VTuber and really bring their virtual personas to life. They all come with special visual effects plus a unique voice package recorded by the VShojo talent. Along with cosmetics such as ward skins and global emotes (one of which even includes the legendary Zentreya), the skins will be available for purchase in the SMITE x VShojo Crossover Event. May the power of gods and anime be on your side!

“Being a VShojo fan myself, I had the great opportunity to give art and design direction to the SMITE x VShojo crossover,” said SMITE QA analyst Micaila Breashears. “That was a great experience and many departments at Titan Forge really came together to make this event special. A lot of research went into making the VShojo characters sound and look their best! Plus, all the girls were able to voice their own skins and in-game broadcasting packages, and they were so great to work with every step of the way.”

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To celebrate the SMITE x VShojo event, a special Twitch Drop campaign will run for two weeks, from May 16 to May 30. Tune into your favorite VShojo streamers to score exclusive VShojo drops and show your support for these content creators! Drops are available on ALL VShojo streamers’ channels.

Both the profile avatar and the in-match broadcasting package can be unlocked this way for any VTubing star: Nyanners, Kson, Silvervale, Apricot, Ironmouse and Vei. That’s a total of 12 items given away for FREE, just for viewing! And yes, each broadcast package is recorded by the corresponding VShojo talent itself. That means your Oishi can cheer you on while you dominate the battlefield in style! Imagine running in the middle of it and providing kills while Kson cheers you on! Announcer packs can be used in any match, even if you don’t play as a VShojo character.

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Then from May 31 to June 14, all SMITE partners and VShojo talent channels will be giving away SMITE viewer points. And if you miss the chance to get those FREE rewards, they will become available in the SMITE Viewer Store!

Today’s VShojo update marks the third and final chapter in the Hope Reborn event, with the introduction of 3 new skins – with 3 more to follow on May 30. The iconic SMITE goddess Artemis is also getting a full visual update, giving her a beautiful new look! Many balance changes have been made, including mode-specific tweaks. For example, only in Duel, after taking out your opponent, you can now pick up an Orb that gives you power against towers.

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