Sweden builds world’s first permanent electrified road -.

With EVs limited by range and charging options around the world, Sweden wants to address this problem head-on by creating the world’s first electrified road. The idea of the road will be that any EV driving on it can be recharged as it goes, and if this seems a little too sci-fi to be true, Sweden actually already has four temporary electrified roads all in the city of Lund, but now wants to make things more official by installing a permanent option.

As Electrek reports, the road is expected to finish construction in 2025, after which it will come online and be active shortly thereafter. As for the charging technology used on the road, the Swedish transport administration, Trafikverket, has yet to make a decision on this. What we do know is that above-ground options, such as which power streetcars, are being discussed, as are ground-level electric rails and inductive coils embedded in the road, which transmit current through a conductive medium.

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As for the highway getting the treatment, this will be the E20 between Hallsberg and Örebro.

Sweden builds world's first permanent electrified road

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