Volkswagen presents an electrically powered office chair that can reach 20 km/h. VIDEO

Looks like this was the week of unusual chairs in tech. First McDonald’s announced a promotional chair that can hold an entire menu on dedicated holders, and now Volkswagen is demonstrating an electric-powered office chair that can catch 20 mph, but also hides other items on its cars in a real chair fit for a spaceship captain.

Volkswagen chair integrates technologies used to develop the company’s ID electric cars

The seat, clearly inspired by the captain’s chairs in Star Trek movies and series, is a technology demonstration, not necessarily a product VW will put on sale. It’s built using the same technologies the company uses in its electric cars, and you can see from the teaser clip that a lot of effort went into integrating all of this into a chair that’s not too big to use in a regular office.

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The chair is equipped with electric motors, parking and reversing camera sensors, a touchscreen display, welcome lights, hazard lights, RGB lights on the sides, seat heating, a USB port for charging devices, and even a tow hook. Of course, you can’t miss the seatbelt, which keeps you in your seat when you’re going 20 km/h through the office building’s corridors.

The battery has a 12km range and can be changed, and if you need to store documents to carry them to the next office, there’s also a trunk where they fit. Alternatively, you can store a laptop.

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The company won’t be offering this chair for sale, but says it will offer it for testing in certain dealerships, most likely in Norway, where it was built.

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