OnePlus 11 appears in the first official video. The launch is very close. VIDEO

OnePlus is gearing up for the launch of the OnePlus 11, its new flagship, which apparently drops the “Pro” name, suggesting we won’t be getting a lower version later. The OnePlus 11 thus appears in its first promotional video, where some of the new design elements for the back cover and camera module are highlighted, and, as expected, this confirms the rumours of the last few months.

OnePlus 11 design confirmed by official video clip

The new “teaser” video of the OnePlus 11 is the one that legitimizes the “unofficial” photos released so far, which suggested that the new cameras will be integrated into a circular, Hasselblad-branded module. Incidentally, we can now confirm that there is an alert slider on this model, as OnePlus flagships have offered since the beginning. This year’s 10T model shipped without this component, with the company suggesting that the mechanism wouldn’t be held inside due to fast charging at 150W.

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Aside from these small details that can be seen, the video does not show any other features of the phone.

We can expect a release in the next few weeks, probably in the first few days of January, with limited availability. Like the OnePlus 10 Pro, the Model 11 is expected in China first, with Europe likely to follow in the spring. Smartphone manufacturers in this country usually launch products locally first, likely being able to more easily meet demand at launch this way.

The OnePlus 11 is expected to feature a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, improved cameras and a new design, available in two color options: Matte Black and Glossy Green. Price expectations are in the flagship area though, i.e. around €1,000 for the base variant

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