Virgiliu Stroescu is a guest on ALTCEVA podcast with Adrian Artene

Doctor Virgiliu Stroescu is Adrian Artene’s guest on the ALTCEVA podcast that will be broadcast on Saturday, August 27, starting at 7:00 pm.

Virgiliu Stroescu is a primary endocrinology physician and MD with extensive studies and expertise in endocrinological and metabolic changes.

His professional activity includes more than 20 years of scientific research in the Center of Sports Medicine and in the Academy of Medical Sciences. His professional skills and specializations also extend to nutrition, healthy eating, smart eating and sports nutrition.

Nicknamed the “apostle of healthy nutrition”, Dr Stroescu has been the nutritionist of many members of the Romanian Olympic team.

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Watch the full interview with Virgiliu Stroescu on Saturday 27 August at 7pm only on the YouTube channel Something Else with Adrian Artene.

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