New problems for Pixel 6 users: ‘dead’ pixels around the camera perforation

The unpleasant surprises seem to go on and on for Pixel 6 phone users, who are now complaining about new problems with screen malfunction, manifested by the appearance of “dead” pixels around the camera perforation.

Most likely hardware in nature, the localized defect in the front camera perforation area is being complained about more and more frequently by Pixel 6 users. The only good news is that the Pixel series launched in October 2021 still has plenty of months of warranty remaining, with complainants of this defect having a good chance of receiving an on-warranty screen replacement. For Google, however, this is just another image blow, with Pixel phones becoming known more for their numerous hardware/software issues than for access to “clean” versions of Android and innovative technologies specifically developed by the American company.

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Some disgruntled Pixel 6 users complain of a black dot appearing just behind the front camera, while others complain that the same defect manifests itself in the top right corner of the phone. Apparently, the symptoms manifest themselves progressively, with barely noticeable dots becoming larger and larger spots on the screen surface.

In addition to the growing number of reports, another cause for concern is that owners of the affected devices claim not to have dropped or bumped their phones.

It’s unclear whether there’s a direct link, or pure coincidence, but some users link the appearance of symptoms to updating their phones to the latest firmware version.

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At the moment, Google isn’t offering an official explanation for the situation, nor a quick fix, with unlucky users having to turn to service centre technicians and receiving a variety of responses.

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