VIDEO The third season of Jack Ryan ready for release: new trailer tweeted by Amazon Prime

As the release of season three of Jack Ryan is fast approaching for fans, Prime Video has released a pretty exciting new trailer, where you can see what’s in store for you, soon.

In the footage, we get to see the hero played by John Krasinski as he tries to put an end to a new conspiracy.

Based on the Tom Clancy book series, the Jack Ryan screenplay follows the story of a CIA analyst-turned-field agent who tries to uncover various terrorist plots against the United States.

The first season premiered on Prime Video in 2018 and the second season a year later in 2019.

The new season of Jack Ryan will tap into a story that might sound familiar

We can expect the third season of Jack Ryan to take place shortly after the events of the second season, with Krasinski working against the clock to stop a group of Russian terrorists who are trying all they can to resurrect the USSR and detonate a nuclear weapon.

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Recently, on the official Amazon Prime Video Twitter account, a clip was posted showing what’s next for the character played by Krasinski. You can see it in the footer of this article.

From the trailer you can also see that the latest season will also be action-packed, as you’re already used to from the first two. So if you’re a fan of this niche, the production may be just the thing.

However, as mentioned above, we can’t help but notice how season three might be more real than ever, considering the way the events of the present unfold. Nuclear bombs, “USSR”, Russians, these are just a few of the elements that can be associated with the times we live in.

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