VIDEO The new Avatar 2 trailer has officially been released: when will you be able to see The Watery Path in cinemas

The new Avatar: The Way of Water trailer reveals new details from the film that will be released in cinemas soon.

James Cameron introduced audiences to the world of Pandora and the Na’vi civilization in 2009 with the first Avatar film. Thanks to CGI innovation and the use of 3D, the film became a box office phenomenon.

The first footage of Avatar 2 arrived earlier this year when Disney released the first trailer. The footage revealed innovative visual effects that the director uses again as part of the new underwater setting.

Even though the Avatar 2 trailer was visually impressive, audiences seem divided, with many wondering if the director is capable of telling a good new story. Avatar 1 was often criticized for allegedly copying Pocahontas, for example.

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What you can see in the new trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water

Disney and 20th Century have released a new Avatar: The Way of Water trailer ahead of the film’s official release date of December 16, 2022. The new trailer once again highlights the stunning CGI work that the sequel production incorporates, under the direction of James Cameron, into an underwater world.

With a poignant story centered around Jake and Neytiri’s family and their fight to protect Pandora, Avatar: The Way of Water could help audiences connect with the characters all over again.

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The CGI and 3D spectacle of Avatar 2 will certainly drive audiences to see the sequel in theaters, but a story that truly captures viewers is what could help spur possible future sequels.

Perhaps the most successful example this year is the return of the Top Gun franchise, with the sequel grossing a record amount in theaters. It remains to be seen whether Avatar: Path of Water will suffer the same fate, and more importantly, whether it will succeed in breaking the previous record.

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