VIDEO: Soprano Clan Versus Godfather: How Similar The Two Productions Are

Both the “Sopranos” series and the epic production of “The Godfather” tell the story of the Italian mafia that has taken over some of the cities in the United States.

In fact, the two are not the only ones to address such a topic, there are many other films that focus on the privacy of mafia thugs in the eastern United States.

However, if we look a little closer at certain details in the “Soprano Clan”, we will see that there are many similarities between this series and the best mobster movie of all time, “The Godfather”.

And if you’re tempted to think that this resemblance is a shameless one, on the “copy-paste” system, in reality we are only talking about a tribute that the creators of “The Sopranos” pay to “Godfather”.

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Similarities between “Soprano Clan” and “Godfather”

Many of the references that the producers of the “Soprano Clan” made in honor of the “Godfather” were so direct and full of humor that they aroused the admiration of the most “fierce” fans of “The Godfather”.

Some of these references are, however, a little more subtle, with the viewer needing more attention and perhaps a little more film culture to realize the similarities.

Last but not least, the approach seems equally identical. Both productions focus on the gangster’s “work” relationships, as well as their family relationships: love, betrayal, loyalty, and lots and lots of passion.

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However, we cannot accuse “The Sopranos” of ever copying “The Godfather”, because what they did was nothing more than a “raised statue” of the famous film that redefined world cinema. Moreover, the TV series has managed to create its own identity over the years, becoming, in turn, one of the most beloved television series of all time, being elevated to the level of “cult”.

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