How much has the tablet market grown in 2021, the second year with online schooling and homework

Although it seemed that tablet sales would never return from the decline induced by the popularization of widescreen phones and then foldable phones, the changes required to manage the COVID pandemic have led to a paradigm shift in society. Unheard of concepts, such as social distancing, online schooling, and homework, have a huge demand for gadgets that are absolutely necessary to accommodate this transition.

By far the most favored by the COVID-19 pandemic were the laptop and tablet markets, which were needed for either school, work, or the free party at home.

Starting with smartphone sales, the industry delivered only 46 million units in the Q4-2021 quarter, down 11.9% from a similar period last year. However, at the level of the whole year, 168.8 million units were delivered, this being the best performance since 2016.

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In contrast, the 63.6% drop in Chromebook device sales reported for Q4-2021 seems almost catastrophic, but fortunately it came after a relatively good year, in which sales increased by 13.5% compared to the previous year.

Coming to the tablet market, it is no surprise that Apple led the top sales in 2021. Thus, the American giant delivered 17.5 million iPads in Q4-2021 alone, down 8.6% year on year. of the onset of the COVID pandemic. For the full year 2021, 57.8 million iPads were shipped, 8.4% more than in 2020.

In second place after Apple, Samsung delivered in Q4-2021 7.3 million tablets, respectively 30.9 million for the whole year 2021.

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Active mainly in the Asian region, Lenovo delivered 4.6 million tablets in Q4-2021, respectively 17.7 million units in 2021. Close performance was achieved in western markets by rival Amazon, with 16.1 million tablets delivered in 2021. Strongly affected by US economic bans on Huawei to deliver just 9.7 million tablets in 2021.

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