VIDEO Bono, U2 soloist, surprise concert in a Kyiv subway station: what message did the artist send

U2 soloist Bono gave a short concert at a subway station in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. Obviously, a big surprise for all those who happened to pass through that place at that moment.

Certainly the citizens of Ukraine would have liked to see Bono from U2 in another setting, most likely not in the middle of a war, but rather in a stadium with his band in peacetime. .

However, the reality is, unfortunately, different. Those who have not been able to see the artist so far in Ukraine, but happened to be present at the respective subway station in Kyiv, witnessed a unique concert, held in a special setting, sprinkled with suffering.

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Bono sang the most famous U2 songs in Ukraine and campaigned for peace and freedom

“People in Ukraine are not just fighting for your own freedom, they are fighting for all of us, that is, for those who love freedom,” Bono said during one of his breaks.

In fact, the artist is known for his humanitarian efforts, throughout his career, being also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize repeatedly for his many philanthropic acts.

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Just as it happened during the visit of the actress Angelina Jolie, in Ukraine, the sirens sounded during the small concert given by Bono. He sang famous songs from U2, such as “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, “With or Withouth You” or “Desire”, with The Edge.

In addition, the singer called Taras Topolei, the lead singer of the Ukrainian band Antitelya, who is now fighting alongside the Ukrainian army against Vladimir Putin’s Russian invaders.

Along with him, Bono performed the song “Stand by Me”, while calling on the most powerful countries in the world to offer their support to the war-torn country and Putin’s ambitions.

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