Very useful device in the office on hot days, available at Lidl soon

Lidl will introduce an interesting mini air cooler next week.

The device, SilverCrest brand, also has a night light function. With the 700 ml water tank fully filled, the chiller can operate for seven hours. In addition to cooling, the device also provides air humidification.

Another advantage of the device is that it cools the air only with water, without using other chemicals. The 8 W chiller has three gears. The airflow can be directed up or down by moving the front grille of the appliance. For easier transport to the desired location, the device has a retractable handle.

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The SilverCrest mini cooler that Lidl will sell next week.

Power is via a USB-C port. The power cord is 100 cm long.

The ambient lamp of the cooler that Lidl will sell, starting on Monday, May 30, can display seven different colors.

The product will cost 129 lei and will benefit from a 3-year warranty.

A model with a similar price and features, the Teesa brand, is available at eMAG at a price of 139 lei.

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