Uvalde shooting survivors sue gun makers, school officials and police

Relatives of three of the children who survived the Uvalde mass shooting last May have filed a lawsuit in court against Uvalde school authorities, local police and gun manufacturers, alleging negligence.

The lawsuit, which was filed Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas, involves the parents of a minor who was injured in the shooting and was the best friend of one of the slain students, attorneys have told ‘Texas Tribune’.

“We are seeking liability and damages, and because my plaintiffs are young, they will have to deal with the trauma of what they went through,” Stephanie Sherman, the families’ attorney, has said.

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“It’s just a perfect soupçon of lack of care, and I can’t help but think that this poor community was not protected in any way,” she has added.

Specifically, the lawsuit names the Uvalde police chief, the school district, one of the lieutenants who worked during the massacre, the school principal, the manufacturer of the trigger that held the rifle with which the shooting began, and the store where the shooter purchased the weapon.

This lawsuit follows another filed in June , where four families whose children were injured in the shooting sued the property of Salvador Ramos, the only suspect in the massacre who was killed by responding police officers, as reported by ‘The Hill’.

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The families are seeking compensation of up to $100 million (a similar figure in euros) for physical and emotional damages from the May incident.

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