US authorities are forcing Tesla to “repair” 48,000 Model 3 Performance cars

Tesla seems to be facing a new problem with its cars every few weeks. Fortunately, when the company has to call cars for service, the solution can be done automatically, through a software update, so it does not involve wasted time for its customers. This time, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) in the US, forces the company to repair 48,000 Model 3 Performance cars, sold between 2018 and 2022, which did not display correctly the unit of measurement in which the speed is displayed in a certain way. operation of the machine.

Tesla Model 3 Performance does not display the unit of speed correctly

The US authorities are now forcing Tesla to provide a software update for all Model 3 Performance variants, which, when configured in “Track Mode” mode, no longer display the unit of speed. Normally, near the digital speedometer, km / h or mph should appear, but in Track mode, which assumes that the driver is on the circuit, receiving maximum performance from the electric motor, this detail does not appear.

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NTHSA suggests a software update and notification to all car owners who have this problem. It seems that software version 2022.12 solves this little detail. The update is already available, but not all machines have already installed it. Drivers of Model 3 Performance cars are encouraged to look for the update in the menu on the center screen.

Recently, Tesla has been forced to fix a safety problem in the assisted and autonomous driving system of its cars. It seems that his cars did not stop completely at the intersection stop sign unless there was an imminent danger, continuing to drive at very low speeds until they entered the intersection.

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Fortunately, resolving these issues with Tesla machines can be solved through software updates, and does not require wasted time from customers with unwanted service visits.

source: Slashgear

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