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RuneScape, the iconic MMORPG, today released Fort Forinthry: Unwelcome Guests revealed. The new mini-quest continues the Fort Forinthry season with new skilling rewards, Slayer challenges and the introduction of a new Slayer Master named The Raptor. Fort Forinthry: Unwelcome Guests is available starting April 10.

Following the events in Fort Forinthry: Murder on the Border, Fort Forinthry is faced with an unexplained horde of undead roaming the area. Players must join forces with the new Slayer Master named The Raptor to defeat the horde and find out where the new type of enemy comes from. In Unwelcome Guests Players first meet the villainous necromancer Zemouregal, whose role in the story will be explained in upcoming updates.

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Fort Forinthry: Unwelcome Guests introduces four brand new slayer creatures, including the Fetid Zombie, Bound Skeleton, Risen Ghost and Armoured Phantom. Players who defeat these new enemies will earn Slayer Trophies. With these Trophies, players get more rewards, extra buffs and a rare drop of a new two-handed magic ability.

As with all Fort Forinthry updates, the Construction skill plays at Unwelcome Guests play an important role in the story. Players will have the opportunity to build a Guardhouse that provides players with additional buffs for the Slayer skill. This includes extra damage bonuses and higher spawn rates for Elite monsters.

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Fort Forinthry: Unwelcome Guests is playable only by members. Visit the website for more information. RuneScape is available on PC, Steam, iOS and Android. The game features cross-platform progression and cross-play on PC and mobile.

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