ChatGPT is banned in Italy –

Although ChatGPT has become smarter, it has not been able to do so without learning from people. The Italian data protection authority has a problem with this because the ChatGPT in question violates people’s privacy.

And so Italy has banned ChatGPT because of these privacy concerns. In a statement, the Italian data protection authority said: “The Italian Data Protection Authority has ordered with immediate effect the temporary restriction of the processing of Italian users’ data against OpenAI. The absence of a legal basis justifying the massive collection and storage of personal data for the purpose of ‘training’ the algorithms underlying the operation of the platform. “

This comes just days after Elon Musk and a handful of other big names in technology signed an open letter requesting a pause in AI development. So it seems there is growing concern about how AI could infiltrate our daily lives.

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ChatGPT is banned in Italy

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