UN warns of scam attempt to falsely raise funds for Ukraine

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The United Nations on Thursday warned Ukrainian citizens and NGOs about a scam campaign that would be using the name of the Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund to collect money for humanitarian aid.

“The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) has been informed of the existence of several messages, circulating by email and other platforms, falsely claiming to be issued by the Humanitarian Fund of Ukraine,” OCHA itself has detailed in a statement.

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These scams, which aim to obtain money and personal data for supposedly legal services for the sake of receiving benefits from the United Nations, are fraudulent, as the organization has stressed.

OCHA, which manages the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund, has warned the public and aid organizations, civil society organizations and volunteer groups about these “fraudulent activities.”

In turn, it has “strongly” recommended recipients of these requests not to provide any personal data and not to pay any fees to any organization promising humanitarian assistance, as the United Nations does not charge for humanitarian assistance at any time.

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