Nasa astronauts soon to fly in Prada space suits -.

The 2025 lunar mission will be a luxury mission, as the Nasa astronauts flying out will do so while wearing Prada suits.

We don’t yet know what the suits will look like, but Prada will partner with private company Axiom Space to make luxurious but practical suits. “Prada has a lot of experience with different types of composite fabrics and may even be able to make some real engineering contributions to the outer layers of the new spacesuit,” Professor Jeffrey Hoffman told the BBC.

Don’t expect fancy patters or anything, because spacesuits still need to function properly and protect their wearer. “A spacesuit is really like a miniature spacecraft. It has to provide pressure, oxygen, keep you at a reasonable temperature,” Hoffman said.

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What do you think these fancy new spacesuits will look like?

Nasa astronauts soon to fly in Prada space suits

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