Ukrainian court sentences Russian soldier accused of war crimes to 10 years in prison

The judiciary in the northern Ukrainian city of Chernobyl has sentenced a Russian soldier accused of war crimes during the war in Eastern Europe to ten years in prison.

The court found it proven that the soldier fired from a tank at apartment buildings during the first days of the war, which began at the end of February.

As recalled by Chernygov Society, the public television channel of the Ukrainian region, the tenth floor of the apartment was destroyed, although no civilian casualties or injuries were reported.

The soldier who perpetrated the attack has pleaded guilty in court and has been sentenced, although the decision will not become final until after a possible appeal.

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This is the second major prison sentence imposed on a Russian soldier by the Ukrainian judiciary. The first came in May, when a serviceman was initially sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a Ukrainian civilian, but the sentence was later reduced to fifteen years.

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