Ukraine’s first filmed tank vs. tank duel. The result, unpleasant

The first video footage of a battle between two tanks on the Ukrainian front has hit the internet. So far we have seen, in videos, such vehicles attacking infantry positions, truck columns or troop carriers.

In this case, the duel was between a Ukrainian T-64BV tank and a Russian T-80BVM. Although the figure “64” suggests that the vehicle used by Ukraine is outclassed by the Russian one, which has “80” in its name, in fact the two tanks have similar performance.


The T-64, crewed by three, entered service in 1966. The upgraded T-64BV version has reactive armour, an upgraded fire control system and a 125 mm gun that can hit targets up to 2,500 metres away. This model has been produced since 1985.

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On the other hand, the T-80 entered service in 1976. It was the world’s second gas turbine engine-equipped tank from the aircraft industry. The vehicle has a crew of three. The T80-BVM is an upgraded version, produced from 1985 onwards, with reactive armour, 125 mm gun and a maximum speed of 70 km/h.


In the duel filmed in Ukraine, the T-64BV unfortunately lost. It is not excluded that the crew of the vehicle, moving, did not see the enemy tank, stationary and surrounded by trees and vegetation.

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The video was distributed by Russia’s own Defence Ministry on its official VK social media account in an attempt to boost the morale of troops rapidly losing ground to Kiev’s offensive.

For Putin and the Russians who support the invasion the good news from the front is little. General Ben Hodges, the former commander of US troops in Europe, said in an interview with DW that Russia can no longer retake the initiative in the war. According to him, if the West continues to support Ukraine, Kiev will liberate all occupied territories, including Crimea.

Photo: Wikimedia

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