Ukraine revealed what it spent the cryptocurrencies it received through donations on

Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov has published a list of military technologies Ukraine has purchased with cryptocurrencies donated by supporters around the world.

The state has spent more than $54 million worth of virtual currencies to support its armed forces in their war against Russian invaders. Most of the money, $11.8 million, was spent on drones.

Then Ukraine spent $6.9 million worth of cryptocurrencies on body armor and $5.7 million on hardware and software.

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Significant sums have been spent on smart scopes, night vision devices or communications systems.

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Ukraine knows how important it is to inform the international public about the military conflict that has claimed countless lives. Virtual currencies worth over $5.2 million have been spent on a global anti-war media campaign.

Kiev received donations in cryptocurrencies worth over $60 million from private individuals, companies and other organizations. Donors include Vitalik Buterin, the Russian-born father of Ethereum.

The NGO Aid For Ukraine, the companies Everstake, Kuna and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine were in charge of the operations.

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