Ukraine denounces Russian attacks on two universities in the city of Mikolaiv

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Ukrainian authorities have denounced this Friday attacks by Russian forces against two universities located in the city of Mikolaiv, located in the south of the country, and have denounced it as a “terrorist” act, with no information about fatalities for the moment.

“Today, terrorist Russia has attacked the two largest universities in Mikolaiv with at least ten missiles. Now they are attacking our education. I call on the universities of all democratic countries to brand Russia what it is – a terrorist,” said the head of the Mikolaiv Regional Military Administration Vitali Kim via his account on the social network Twitter.

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Mikolaiv Mayor Olkeksander Sienkovich stressed that rescue teams are working in the area and confirmed at least two wounded. “This time, the attackers have fired at around 7:50 a.m. (local time), knowing full well that there are already many people on the streets at that time. Real terrorists,” he denounced.

Shortly before, Sienkovich had confirmed via his Telegram account a series of bombings against the city and had called on the population to seek shelter “urgently.” “More than ten powerful explosions in Mikolaiv. The airborne alarm continues. Do not leave your homes and shelters,” the mayor of the city stressed.

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