Ukraine counts more than 260 bodies exhumed in mass grave in Izium

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Ukrainian authorities on Wednesday put the total number of bodies exhumed in a mass grave found in the city of Izium, located in the Kharkov region (east), at more than 260 following the recent withdrawal of Russian troops in the face of the counteroffensive launched by the Ukrainian Army.

The Kharkov police said in a message on its Telegram account that the bodies of 263 people, including two children, had been removed as of Tuesday, before adding that they show “traces of torture, tied hands, bullet holes, fractures and wounds from explosives.”

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Thus, he reiterated that some 450 bodies have been located in the area and said that “investigators have opened criminal proceedings.” “A large number of citizens who lived under occupation witnessed war crimes and are already testifying to investigators about the positions of Russian troops, their headquarters, offices and places where Ukrainians were held and tortured.”

“One of the torture rooms found in Izium was in the district police department,” he has detailed, while noting that “in every corner of the unoccupied Kharkov region, the authorities are engaged in the search and documentation of crimes by Russia.”

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